We are in a climate emergency. Victoria should be leading the renewables market, resulting in more jobs for Victorians and a marked shift away from our dependence on fossil fuels. This will lower energy prices, with renewables continuing to be the cheapest source of new electricity generation in Australia.

As your representative, I will advocate for the following:

  • Protection of the natural environment through legislation.
  • Ensure Victoria achieves 75% emission reduction by 2030, and net zero by 2045.
  • Hold the government accountable for reaching emissions targets.
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles to be more readily available throughout Albert Park (not all of us have garages).
  • Repeal the ZLEV road-user charge on electric vehicles to incentivise EV ownership.
  • Increase awareness and uptake of green energy initiatives and rebate schemes for businesses and households.
  • Lobby for new legislation against gas connections in new home builds.
  • Legislate to end native logging by 2023.