My commitment is to bring real-life experiences into politics and make it more accessible to all. I feel and see the concerns of those around me. I am truly independent - I do not live in a political bubble and am not answerable to lobbyists, donors, and power-brokers.

My main policy priorities are:

  • We are in a climate emergency. Victoria should be leading the renewables market, resulting in more jobs for Victorians and a marked shift away from our dependence on fossil fuels. This will lower energy prices, with renewables continuing to be the cheapest source of new electricity generation in Australia.

    As your representative, I will advocate for the following:

    • Protection of the natural environment through legislation.
    • Ensure Victoria achieves 75% emission reduction by 2030, and net zero by 2045.
    • Hold the government accountable for reaching emissions targets.
    • Charging stations for electric vehicles to be more readily available throughout Albert Park (not all of us have garages).
    • Repeal the ZLEV road-user charge on electric vehicles to incentivise EV ownership.
    • Increase awareness and uptake of green energy initiatives and rebate schemes for businesses and households.
    • Lobby for new legislation against gas connections in new home builds.
    • Legislate to end native logging by 2023.


    • IBAC needs to be properly funded, with all necessary resources to investigate allegations of serious corrupt conduct and police misconduct.
    • Enact the 21 recommendations made by the Operation Watts special report to ensure a culture of integrity within the Victorian Government.
    • Establish a Parliament Ethics Committee.
  • In Victoria, small businesses make up 98% of all business and account for half of the private sector jobs in Victoria. Supporting small business supports the Victorian economy. We need to prioritise local business and provide greater opportunities out of the pandemic.

    Over the last 11 years I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with and advocate for many amazing small businesses. I will:

    • Work in Parliament towards cutting through bureaucratic red tape and excessive regulation surrounding the burden small businesses face in the current economic climate.
    • Greater consultation with small business before introducing any policies that directly affect them.
    • Create a greater awareness and marketing to promote the schemes available through Jobs Victoria for small businesses and entrepreneurs to navigate the tough economic circumstances we are currently facing.


  • We’ve seen the impacts of the pandemic on our healthcare system here in Victoria. I will work with all levels of government to invest in the health of Victoria, lobbying to:

    • Prioritise community-based mental health services which will encompass specific outpatient treatment services and continuing care services designed to meet the needs of our community.
    • Address the challenges present in current waitlist management in Victoria and backlog due to suspended elective surgeries during the pandemic.
    • Support strategies to mitigate staffing shortages, investing in training healthcare workers and bolster healthcare recruitment.
  • I will champion the interests of the community members and organisations which support the physical and mental health of the community as well as provide opportunities for women and girls in sport.

    I will work constructively with Parks Victoria and stakeholders to secure:

    • $15 million investment in community sporting facilities in the Albert Park Reserve to continue to provide sporting and recreational facilities for the community. 
    • $5 million to rebuild the lake wall to support the continuation of recreational water activities, safeguard from flooding and facilitate sustainable water use.
  • Fishermans Bend is Australia’s largest urban renewal project. It will cover 480 hectares and be home to more than 80,000 residents. There needs to be a plan for public transport, community spaces, sidewalks and cycling networks. We’ve seen how hard and costly it is to institute these retrospectively – why not get it right from the start.

    • We need architecture that creates safe, healthy communities. With footpaths, parks, public transport, community centres and continued investment in public schools.
    • It is an innovation hub, we need the infrastructure in place to attract innovative businesses that are going to bring sustainable jobs in cutting edge industries.